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skullz and barbells™ is a lifestyle brand designed and forged by dedicated athletes who live the very lifestyle they represent. Hard work, sacrifice, drive, passion, and consistency are the building blocks for any elite athlete, but even the fiercest competitor needs the right plan to succeed. At skullz and barbells™, we are that plan! Our team takes pride in our athletes’ conditioning on stage, as well as the gear they wear off-stage. For those committed to forging a lifestyle of the athletic elite, we invite you to join the skullz and barbells™ movement! It’s time to pay #THETOLLTOBESWOLE™

Our Team

We’re a small, motivated and talented team. Our coaches turn our athletes into hard, stage ready competitors and our apparel promotes a style supportive of the lifestyle we live.


Above all else, skullz and barbells is a team of competitive athletes. skullz and barbells specializes in training individuals for all levels of competitive bodybuilding including men’s bodybuilding and physique, as well as women’s physique, figure and bikini. *Please note - this section is updated randomly and does not include all S&B Athletes*

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  • 86 Athletes
  • 365 Days We Train
  • 26 MIL/LEO Team Members
  • 117 Awards Won
  • Erica H

    Dedicated coach, who thoroughly listens to your needs as a competitor. “We train for first call outs!” His plans are tailored specifically for YOU. No plan is the same or “cookie cutter”. Supportive teammates who genuinely care about one another! Amazing logo gear that you can wear to rep your team, in the gym and out! What else could you need?!

  • Jenn S

    Everyone on this team is so genuine and supportive and it’s been so awesome becoming friends with people who share the same mentality and interests. From our killer Barbella workouts to our epic team cheat meals, this team constantly motivates me and keeps me laughing. We work hard, eat A LOT and have a ton of fun, all while crushing our personal goals!

  • Kristin C

    I never thought I would find a passion for something again after hanging up my cleats. I started training and teaching group exercise but something was still missing and then came across team S&B. For the first time since my sports, I got that “high” and excitement. The adrenaline rush when on stage, teammates, friendship and support that came along with it, that is something I will never forget. Prep life had me feeling the best I had in years.

  • Maria L

    My second show was the MD NPC Gladiator in March 2015. Ryan made a meal plan tailored to me, instructed me on my cardio and supplements, and held team cheat nights and posing clinics every week! I placed in the top 10 at that show, and my biggest personal accomplishment was the amount of muscle I was able to put on for my second show with my coach’s help. Ryan and the rest of my skullz and barbells teammates became family through this experience.

  • Mitch K

    It had been a dream of mine to follow in my mothers footsteps and get up on an NPC stage as a bodybuilder for well over a decade and I can finally say I have done it! Thanks to S&B my prep ran smooth and I came in with INSANE conditioning! They taught me how to pose, helped me put together a badass routine and gave me the confidence to get up on stage and kill it! Not only did I accomplish my dream but I brought home some awesome hardware from both of my shows!

  • Rita H

    Every experience in life is what you make it. It all starts with an interest, which turns into passion, which becomes your daily motivation. I couldn’t imagine this journey without my Barbellas, my Skull King, and the rest of my team- also known as my family.

  • Ransom W

    One thing that I have learned from Ryan is that everyone’s body reacts differently to supplements and diet plans. I was six weeks out from my first show and was nowhere near stage ready when Ryan took me under his wing. I took 3rd place in that show and looked better at 40 years old than I have ever looked in my life. Ryan has changed my life and honestly skullz and barbells is now a way of life and LIFE IS GOOD!!!

  • Jordan K

    This process has taught me that it’s not about being better than the girl next to you, it’s about being the best version of yourself, building enough physical and mental strength to push yourself past your limits. It truly is hard to fail when you’re blessed with a coach like Ryan and a team like the one he’s created. This team is my rock and I couldn’t feel more privileged to be on this amazing journey with all of them.

  • Trey M

    I was one of those people that would try different diets and lifting schedules in an attempt to reach my personal goal. In doing so I was also one of those people having the “yo-yo” effect. Never really finding myself staying where I wanted to be. So I finally got ahold of Ryan and after some short back and forth emails I have a completely customized and structured diet and workout regiment. After a couple weeks into the plan I already started to see significant changes, both physically and mentally.

  • Audrie F

    Being on this team has been a life changing experience to say the least! I started working with Ryan a little over two years ago and I have had the most amazing outcomes! Not only does he take the time to learn your body and how it works, but he also makes sure you aren’t disappointed with the package you bring to the stage! This team is nothing less than hard working, dedicated, and determined at all costs! We motivate each other no matter what state we each live in! skullz and barbells isn’t just a team, we are a FAMILY!

  • Mahsa A

    Ryan helped me to bring out the best in my body and lead me to victory in my first NPC Bikini competition. skullz and barbells is not just a team, we’re like a family. We have forged great friendships and helped motivate and push each other to accomplish our goals. I am thankful to have met a coach that is so passionate about the sport. His enthusiasm is contagious and everyone in the gym can feel his positive energy. Today I am a better person physically and mentally. I have the confidence in myself to achieve my goals not just on stage but in life!

  • Rob A

    Working with Ryan has been nothing but a pleasure. When I was loving the process, he was great to work with. When I was hating the process, he was great to work with. Since joining S&B a little over 4 months ago I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat and put on 5 lbs of muscle. Ryan is as genuine as they come and wants nothing more than to see you achieve your goals.

  • Amy H

    Skullz and Barbells is truly one of a kind. Ryan is sincerely invested in helping athletes achieve their individual goals. As an ultra marathoner and aspiring powerlifter, Ryan has gone out of his way to create a custom plan that supports all of my athletic endeavors, from bodybuilding shows to strength training to 50-mile races.

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