Nutrition Plans and Training Packages

Each purchased Nutrition Plan and Training Program includes the following:

Detailed Nutrition Guide

A detailed nutrition plan broken down into specific carb, protein, and fat sources to include amounts and timing

Detailed Training Program

A detailed training split designed to meet your specific target goals and broken down into phases

Cardio Program

Broken down into AM and PM, HIIT and LISS, options, and durations – which will change as needed during each phase of your plan

Supplementation List

A full on list of all **recommended** supplements that are best geared toward the program you choose

24/7 Q&A Support via email

All plans, if purchased with coaching, come with Q&A via email

S&B Apparel Discount

Anyone who purchases a plan from skullz and barbells™ gets a discount on all S&B apparel. 12 Week programs -10% Contest Prep Plans –20%

How to Purchase

Once you have selected a plan you feel is suited for your goals – you can purchase by selecting the hyperlink below and visit the skullz and barbells™ Training and Services Store. Once you have purchased your program you will be automatically emailed a Client Questionnaire to complete. Once the Questionnaire is filled out -you will return it (via email) to — – Once your questionnaire has been received you will have your customized skullz and barbells™ program in your inbox within *2-3 business days.

Please note – any questions can be submitted through the “contact us” form below.

Training Packages


16 Weeks (For both first time and seasoned competitors) 16 Week Contest Prep Plan is designed for individuals competing in Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness, and Bikini. The 16 Week Contest Prep Plan provides clients with a comprehensive, customized plan to ensure athletes are stage ready Once purchased, complete the skullz and barbells Client Questionnaire, which you will need to fill out and return in order to have your plan tailored to your individual needs. You will be held accountable for weekly / biweekly check-ins which includes sending updates on your weight and photos of your progress –if you don’t check in, you will be sent a friendly reminder to do so. Check-ins will become more frequent 6 weeks out from the agreed upon show date.
Contest Prep includes:
• 16 Week customized nutrition plan (Broken down into four phases)
• Customized Training Program
• Customized Cardio programming
• Recommended Supplementation List
• Unlimited 24/7 email support
• Bi-Weekly Check-ins (Weekly – starting 6 weeks out from your show)
• Peak Week plan
• 20% off Team skullz and barbells™ apparel
• 25% off Competition suits from Gilded Muscle Swimwear
• 20% off make-up from Gilded Muscle Make-Up
• 20% off Meal Prep Services from Easy Eats Kitchen
• Tanning Discounts (LOCAL CLIENTS ONLY)
• Body Fat Percentage (9 Point Caliper – LOCAL ONLY)

This plan is a one-time consultation with no additional follow ups which includes:
• Nutrition plan
• Cardio programming
• Supplementation List
• 10% off Team skullz and barbells apparel

This is for individuals who are serious about losing excess body weight and making fitness a part of their daily lifestyle. This program starts off basic and offers gradual modifications to help clients improve their health and lifestyle. This plan includes:
• 12 Week Nutrition plan
• Cardio programming
• Supplementation List
• Bi-weekly check-ins
• Unlimited 24/7 email support
• 10% off Team skullz and barbells apparel

This 12 week plan caters to both competitors and non-competitors. Anyone interested in increasing muscle mass and strength while maintaining a lean physique will benefit from this plan. This plan includes:
• Nutrition plan
• Cardio programming
• Supplementation List
• Bi-weekly check-ins
• Unlimited 24/7 email support
• 10% off Team skullz and barbells apparel


Athlete Form

Type of Plan

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Health Awareness and Liability

When purchasing a Nutrition Plan and Training Package from skullz and barbells™ you are under the full understanding that Ryan Blakeley is not a registered dietitian or nutritionist and the plan you are receiving is based off of his recommendations through prior/current experience and knowledge in the bodybuilding industry via the information provided in your client questionnaire. This is to include all food sources, weight training, cardio, and supplementation. All supplementation suggested is highly recommended, but completely optional.

These programs are in no way a substitute for any physical therapy, doctor’s recommendations, nutritionist’s suggestions, treatment for any type of injuries, cure for any health issues, or even a quick fix to any dietary issues. These programs are< also to be considered only after you have consulted with your doctor or health care provider to ensure you are physically fit to endure any type of weight training and cardiovascular exercise as well as any meal additions/restrictions.

When executing any plan from skullz and barbells™ you are acknowledging that you are fully aware that with every nutrition plan and training program there is risk of minor/serious injury and that you agree Ryan Blakeley is not liable for any injuries, sicknesses, impairments, dietary reactions, or anything else related to food/training and that following any or all of these programs are at your own risk.


Everyone is built different and results will vary due to genetics, body type, work ethic, and your ability to follow your provided program. If you do not follow the program as designed you will not meet the goals you are attempting to obtain. It is very important that you follow these programs as designed and not tweak or improvise due to your own personal desire. If you don’t follow the plan and trust the process – the plan and the process won’t work.

These plans are all based off of a template designed by Ryan Blakeley and Amanda Gable and are tweaked/customized to meet each client’s individual needs, whether it’s a 12-week Lean Bulk program or a 16 week contest preparation. The suggestions of nutrition, cardio, training, and structure that are provided in your plan are based off of the information you submitted with your client questionnaire.

Refund Policy

When purchasing a Nutrition Plan and/or Training Program from skullz and barbells™ you acknowledge that there are no refunds and all sales are final.

*PLEASE NOTE – The 2-3 business days, stated above, does not include Weekends and/or Holidays. There will also be delays in some plans if there is team travel where the skullz and barbells™ coaches are out on the road supporting the team.